In the process of joining the European Union, in December 2016, Serbia opened Chapter 5 – Public Procurement. Despite the legal regulations, the adopted strategy and other documents aimed at improving the field of public procurement and reducing the scope for corruption, all relevant sources share the opinion that the public procurement system is still one of the main generators of corruption in Serbia. In addition, the average number of bidders per tender is around 2.5, which indicates not only reduced competition but also a very low level of trust in the system by the business sector.

Coalition prEUgovor consists of seven civil society organizations from Serbia with expertise in various policies under Chapters 23 and 24 of the European Union accession negotiations.  

Mission of the prEUgovor is to oversee the implementation of policies in the field of Judiciary and fundamental rights (Chapter 23) and Justice, freedom and security (Chapter 24) and to propose measures to improve the reforms, using the process of EU integration to achieve substantial progress in the further democratization of Serbia.