Our Goals

Overall goals of the Center are:

  • Ensuring the implementation of European standards and norms while shaping the institutional arrangements and making Serbia’s public policies;

  • Getting Serbia closer to the EU and ensuring sustainable and continuous economic growth and democratic development in accordance with European values and principles, as well as standards formulated within acquis communautaire;

  • Strengthening and stabilization of social consensus on the need for pro-European and democratic development of Serbia in the interest of all of its citizens;

  • Strengthening the policy community in Serbia and promoting policy approaches in scientific research, especially in the field of European studies.


In order to achieve such defined aims, CPES:

  • Designs, realizes and promotes research projects in the field of applied European studies in order to initiate public debate and accelerate decision-making processes;

  • Carries out monitoring activities in the areas relevant to Serbia’s EU accession process, on which the professional and general public is regularly being updated about the state and the process of reforms in Serbia;

  • Organizes thematic roundtables, workshops, conferences and other forms of gatherings of stakeholders in the Europeanization process, in order to encourage public debates in relevant fields and create a public space for confronting and reconciling different interests;

  • Makes policy proposals and implements advocacy initiatives, both to relevant national and EU institutions, as well as to EU member states.