Internal Dialogue on Addressing Kosovo Issues: The Security Aspect

In July 2017, Serbian president launched an initiative to “finally resolve the Kosovo problem” and called on Serbian citizens to engage in an internal dialogue on the issue.

The results of the project will provide new insights, information and knowledge that will be made available to all current and future participants in the internal dialogue. In this way, it will be possible to have an informed dialogue on the issue of “resolving the Kosovo problem” as the only desirable and necessary one in a democratic society. It will enable participants to responsibly propose and argue policy solutions within their mandate and to pre-empt or eliminate negative consequences that could arise from each of the possible solutions and affect: 1) (human) security in Kosovo and Serbia; 2) bilateral relations between the Western Balkan countries and security in the Western Balkans; 3) the dynamics of relations in the wider area of Southeastern Europe, having in mind the security strategies and interests of each of the countries in the Western Balkans and Southeastern Europe.

The aim of the entire program is to analyze what effects on security in the Western Balkans and bilateral relations between the individual countries each of the three possible solutions for relations between Belgrade and Pristina can have: 1) unlimited extension of the status quo; 2) exchange of territories and similar solutions that imply a change of internal borders established at the time of the DFJ / FPRY / SFRY; 3) full normalization of relations reached through current Brussels negotiations within the EU-meditated process.